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Haven’t Done This in a While!

Hey Tumblr!

I havent blooged in forever. I recently got knee surgery to fix the placement of my knee after i hurt it playing rugby last season. Hopefully I will be able to become active again! I miss playing basketball and going to the gym so bad. I feel like I missed out on so many experiences for like 6 months becuase of my knee. I love staying home with Becca but sometimes I just need to go hit the gym really hard with some guys. Well the healing process is beginning… still really painful when i wake up in the morning, but once I stretch, ice, and take a pain killer it eases a lot. After my first day really moving around on crutches I realized how out of shape my arms were. I was soo tired when I got home yesterday, and I am sure it will get easier over time. My first physical therapy is tomorrow. Unfortunately its at 7:15 AM (that time shouldnt exist!) Well thats all i wanted to say for today, hopefully I will get back into the blogging mood. Hope the net time I blog i will be in less pain and more active!

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